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Challenge 48 Results 
12th-Feb-2009 02:37 am
K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"
Sorry to post the results so late. The past two days have been a bit hectic on my personal life. :P

First Place: marlaichen

Second Place: marlaichen

Third Place: xlovetodayx

The Dundie Award: mycoolnewname

Thanks to our participants and voters! I've got banners this week, so they should be coming this weekend.

Also, this is a reminder for our current challenge, "The Accidental Comedian Award". We currently have no entries, but since the challenge is going until Sunday night at midnight, you still have time to get your entries!

Please submit! Submission these past two challenges has been AWESOME so far; let's keep it going!

Follow me to the post, please!
12th-Feb-2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the Dundie! :)
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