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The Office Icontest

This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell outta here.

The Office - An Icontest Community
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Welcome to the_dundies, an icontest community for the hit tv show "The Office" [US]. While the British version of the show is also a huge hit, this community focuses primarily on the American version of the show.

This is a great community to try out your icon making skills and try to improve yourself on a week-to-week basis. You will find many chances here with the community hosting weekly challenges. For each challenge there will be four awards -- First, Second, Third and The Dundie Award (our version of MOD's choice).

Challenges will always begin on Sunday.
You will then have until the following Sunday to submit your icons.
Voting will last through Tuesday, and the winners will be then announced soon after.

- Animation, text, color, and brushes are allowed, but none of those are required.
- You may not promote your icon or post it anywhere else until voting is complete.
- You may not vote for yourself.
- When voting, you must vote for the specified number of icons [no more, no less].
- To submit your icons, please use the submission form below :

Submission Form

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The Official Office Website [US]
The Official Office Website [UK]

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